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Salalah Tour Package | Visit Salalah in Khareef 2017

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If you want to visit Salalah in a short time without driving yourself then its advisable to Book Salalah tour package. In this way, you will be trouble free and the agent will book the accommodation and tours for you.

When booking the tour consider the following options:

  1. What are the inclusions and exclusions?
  2. Is the tour providing pick and drop from the airport or bus station?
  3. What sort of accommodation is provided, like apartments or hotels? In case of hotel, is it 2 star, or 3 or higher?
  4. Visit to How many tourist attractions are included in the package?
  5. Which type of the car is provided for the tour? Is it Saloon or 4x4 or a van?
  6. Is the car personally for you or you will be sharing it with others?
  7. Is driver a guide also?
  8. How is the response of the agent on calls and emails? Is it quick? If he is responding quickly then its good.
  9. Look at the quality of flyers / documents. This shows how professional the agent is.

These are all very important points to consider while choosing a great travel package.


Enjoy your trip to Salalah!


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