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Best Salalah Oman Resorts

BEST SALALAH OMAN RESORTS – أفضل فنادق صلالة

  Best Salalah Oman Resorts – أفضل فنادق صلالة For a memorable and comfortable family vacation, there is no better options then to stay in the best Oman Resorts at Salalah […]

Qatar Airways Complimentary Doha Tour


If you are arriving in Salalah through Qatar Airways, you have a good option to Explore Doha, Qatar before landing at Salalah (or on the return flight). Don’t miss the opportunity […]

Cheap Hotels in Salalah

CHEAP HOTELS IN SALALAH – فنادق صلالة الرخيصة

  It’s very easy to find cheap hotels in Salalah (فنادق صلالة الرخيصة). If you book in advance, the probability of getting cheaper rates is higher. The cheap hotels in Salalah are […]

Beautiful Salalah

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Recommended Hotels and Resorts

Crowne Plaza Resort

Highly Recommended for City Stay

Salalah Rotana Resort

Highly Recommended for Beach Lovers

Al Fanar Hotel

Highly Recommended for Beach Lovers


Crowne Plaza Salalah

Lebanese Food Fiesta at Crowne Plaza Salalah

During the Khareef season, Salalah witnesses a lot of tourists from various parts of the world, particularly from the Middle East. Lebanese food is the preferred food by the locals […]


Salalah Waterfalls in khareef

The best part of the Khareef in Salalah are the pleasant weather, drizzling, mountains turning green and the waterfalls.   Beautiful Salalah Waterfalls There are many beautiful waterfalls in Salalah, […]

Salalah Clock Tower

Clock Tower Salalah

  Clock Tower is an icon of Salalah city. It is known as Burj An-Nahdah in local language. Salalah doesn’t have any skyscrapper. In absense of skyscrappers, this Tower has more […]

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Wonderful place, Lovely people, Amazing beaches, Excellent hotels equals brilliant holiday!

‎Margi Swales‎ United Kingdom

Salalah is a wonderful place to visit, whether for its beautiful nature, variety of restaurants from different cuisines, lovely beaches, traditional souks, or modern shopping stores. I enjoy very much going around Salalah and looking at the old buildings, many of unique architectural style. Salalah is also blessed with beautiful beaches, wonderful hills and even one can drive for a half an hour and enjoy the desert. There are many rental cars agencies and several upscale hotels in Salalah. Another great thing about Salalah is that it suits travelers with all kinds of budgets, because there are restaurants, hotels, cafes and stores from very expensive to very affordable. Let’s not forget as well the lovely weather in Salalah all year round, compared to the rest of the cities in the GCC region.

Dalia Elsawy de Bello Egypt

Salalah is a wonderful place. It’s full of natural beauty. The lovely beaches and green mountains are made further beautiful by the highest level of security and safety feelings. You can sit with your family in any place without any fear. The people are very friendly and respect each other; especially they respect elders too much. The shopping centers are good and the rates are affordable. Salalah tropical fruit huts are good and gives a unique touch to Salalah in the Gulf. I love Salalah so much.

masood hussain
Masood Hussain Pakistan