Masjid Jama Al Iman

Masjid Jama Al-Iman

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Masjid Jama Al-Iman is a beautiful mosque in North Awqad. The huge dome of Masjid Jama Al-Iman is of blue color and is visible from the main As Sultan Said bin Sultan Street.


Men praying area has entrance from the left side and back while facing Qibla (the direction of the Holy Kaaba). The doors are elegantly designed and are colored in brown and golden with patterns.



Inside the men praying area, the carpet is of blue color (as of the doom) with golden patterns. This color theme makes the prayer area really soothing effect to the eyes.



The central chandelier is splendid and is hanging from the large doom of the mosque. The chandelier is surrounded by four brown colored pillars. These pillars also have golden patterns. On these pillars, the Holy Quran is placed. The copies of Holy Quran are also placed on the wooden cabinets on both side of the Imam praying area.



The windows are as beautifully designed as the rest of the masjid. The lower windows are of glass while the upper ones with the wooden patterns. Split air conditioners are mounted on the wall in between the upper and lower windows. In addition to these, the bigger floor standing air conditioners are put inside the wooden cabinet on the front. Ceiling fans are also present.


Women Praying Area in Masjid Jama Al-Iman

Women praying area is on the first floor. There are staircases as well as elevator that leads to the first floor.



During Ramadan, the Salat ul Layl (Salat ul Tarawhe) is arranged like other mosques in Salalah and many men and women come to pray.


Location of Masjid Jama Al-Iman

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