Wadi Darbat Salalah

Wadi Darbat Salalah – A Must Visit Place all Year Round

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Wadi Darbat (Darbat Valley) is the most beautiful and scenic spot for the mountain and spring lovers in Dhofar Region. The place offers everything that is needed for a memorable family day. It is one of the most visited valley in Dhofar.


A Paradise for Nature Lover

The valley is in its pristine condition. The trees and the lake makes the valley (wadi) looks amazing. Occasionally you can see camels, cows and other animals passing by, grazing on the natural grass and plantation.

Wadi Darbat

Parking Tip

The place is fully packed with tourists in the Khareef season and its very difficult to really find a parking spot near the lake. It is advisable to park the vehicle before the lake area as there is ample parking available on both sides of the road. Since the weather is awesome in Khareef, this little walk will be lovely and a great experience.


Boat Ride at Wadi Darbat

The spring is at the end of the road leading to the Valley. This is the biggest lake in Salalah and is wet all year round. But in Khareef, the lake is surrounded by green mountains and cloudy weather, which makes boat ride on this lake irresistible.

Various types of boats are available (only in Khareef season) to choose from and explore the clean lake of the Wadi.

One is power boat which has a capacity of more than 2 people and its driven by the motor. One guy will be there to maneuver it. This will cost around OMR 5 for a round of the lake.

Paddle boats are available for ride of 2 persons. This will cost OMR 3 for a ride of 30 minutes. Wear Joggers for paddle boat, as it will be very comfortable and make paddling easy.

Wadi Darbat


You must wear safety vest during the ride. This vest will be provided by the boating company. There is a separate Barricaded area exclusively for kids for their safety.

Wadi Darbat


Eating at Wadi Darbat

There are several restaurants and huts that sell food, fruits, sweet corns, pop corns and other refreshments. You can also bring eatable items from home or any other commercial market on the way.

There is no other better place to have barbecue in the region other than Wadi Darbat. The place is leveled and you can easily place the BBQ grill. The view is great and you will enjoy barbecue making a lot.

Barbecue at Wadi Darbat
Such a nice place to make BBQ

Picnic Area

Before the lake there is a wide area for the picnickers to sit and enjoy the beauty of the nature. The kids can play or fly kites while adults prepare delicious barbecue. Take a mat or chairs with you for comfortable sitting.


How the Wadi Looks without Khareef?

Wadi Darbat Salalah is a year round destination and a must visit when you are in Salalah. The wadi looks amazing even without Khareef. Some part of the lake remains throughout the year, and is replenished every Khareef during rain time. Just for clarity, all above photographs are captured in Khareef season.

The following photographs captured in November (non-khareef time) shows the beauty of the wadi.


Wadi Darbat is as beautiful as follows in the month of February. Lake is still present.

Location of Wadi Darbat

Wadi Darbat is near Taqa, a beach town in Dhofar Region. This wadi is located on the left side on the road to Tawi Attir.


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