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Salam Air Booking Online | Best way to Book your Flight

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Since the start of operation of Salam Air, the response is great from the travelers. This budget airline has offered lower prices than other airlines and made flying possible for everyone. This post is a review of Salam Air Booking Online.

Salam Air is adding more and more destinations and at the time of publishing of this post, Salam Air has following destinations:

Oman >                Salalah, Muscat, Sohar

Saudi Arabia > Jeddah, Medina

UAE >                   Dubai

Pakistan >          Karachi, Sialkot


Experience of Salam Air Booking Online

We have made our first Salam Air booking online, and the process was very smooth online without any issue. The booking process is very simple and doesn’t have any unnecessary step. It takes just 3 to 5 minutes to make Salam Air Booking online.

Salam Air online booking comprises of 5 easy steps.


1. Start from the Home Page

  • Go to Salam Air Website.
  • Click Book Now on the top left side.
  • Select one way or return and then select departure city under “Flying From” from the drop down menu. Similarly, select Arrival city under “Flying to” from the drop down menu. These drop down lists have all the destinations where Salam Air is flying to. These destinations are in Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan.
  • Select the departure and arrival dates.
  • Select the number of pessengers among 3 selection – Adults, children and infants.
  • Click Find Flights tab.


2. Flight and Fare Selection

On the next page you will see the flight details with fares. The offered fares are of 3 types – Light, Friendly and Flexi.


a. Light Fare:

Light Fare will include 7 kg hand luggage only. No check-in baggage allowed. This fare will not permit any change in the flight date. No refund will be provided against cancellation or No-show.


b. Friendly Fare:

Friendly Fare will include a 20 kg check-in luggage in addition to the 7 kg hand carry. The ticket can be changed up to 3 hours before the flight time against a fee and the fare difference. Like Light fare, Friendly fare ticket is also non-refundable.


c. Flexi:

The luggage allowed in Flexi fare is same as that in the Friendly Fare. However, this ticket is refundable up till 3 hours before the flight time. Flexi ticket allows modification in the ticket date without any fee up till 3 hours before the flight against payment of fare difference.


Select the right fare and flight for you and move to the next page.


3. Input Passenger Information

Write the names, date of birth and gender for the passenger (s) on the next page. In additional to the passenger information, this page has options to choose Additional Services, mainly for luggage and special luggage type.

Press Continue to move to the next page.


4. Seats Selection

It’s optional to select the seats in all your flights at the time of booking. If you want to choose the seat, hover over at the seat and check the price that you will have to pay for this seat, if you select.

If you don’t select the seat and continue, it will be assigned at the airport at the time of check in.


5. Payment

Write the contact data, address and credit / debit card details and make payment. If you have a voucher, you can also use to make payment via it.


Once you make the payment, your booking is complete.


The Ticket

The email address that you provide in the contact data will receive the ticket. Also you can download the ticket in pdf file or send to another email address via the page after payment.


The ticket pdf is a one page document, mentioning the paid amount, the flight details, passenger details and other necessary information. This all information is elegantly placed in only one page and the design is very nice.


Looking forward to the first flight with Salam Air.


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